Bishop McNamara Prom 2022

The link to the proof gallery is at the bottom of the page. Take some time and peruse the gallery. Select the pictures you want (fifteen max please) and send me the image numbers. Proofing and image selection is best done on a PC, Mac or Chromebook. Phones and tablets can be used but may have an extra layer of complexity.


Email me your selections at 

Using a PC / Mac / Chromebook to select images:

  • ​The image numbers are below the large preview image on the right-side of the screen.

PC Proof.JPG

Using a Phone / Small Tablet:

  • The image number is usually found at the bottom left of the image. If the image number is not shown, please follow the three visual steps below.


After receiving your selections please allow 2-3 weeks for processing. I will upload the finished images to individual galleries. Once processed, these are yours to download for your personal use. 

Please email me or call 815-791-3815 if you have any questions.

I also have a few openings remaining for Graduation / Cap-n-Gown pictures. If you are interested, please reach out by email or telephone. Sessions are $50.